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Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 07:39:47 EST

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    > Mmm, I suppose one might be led to enquire in such a circumstance, "What
    > theory do you follow in interpreting scripture?" Maybe I'll give that a try
    > next time the T word comes up in this context! - Jim Armstrong

    When you interpret the actions of the chosen people themselves in Scripture,
    you must look through a pastoralist's eyes, but most particularly in the
    Torah rather than the entire Bible. Pastoralists wrote the Bible and they
    were animal breeders. Pastoralism is not a theory. It's the purview of 4H
    clubs. Animal domestication and breeding is not a theory. The earliest
    pastoralists to write religious books were the Indo-Aryans, cattle breeders.
    The Levites, priestly caste in Judaism sacrifice cattle, not sheep, just like
    those earliest known religionists. The greatest symbol in the Bible is the
    pastoralist, the shepherd.


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