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    > I am afraid that the "Levitical prohibitions" and some modes of defense of
    > morality may even be one of the contributing problems, especially when it
    > appears self-righteous and particularly when it seems hypocritical. It sure
    > seems to me that one of the clear reasons for Jesus' walk among us was to
    > help us move from reacting to, judging under, and enforcing law to
    > understanding the spirit of the Law ... its underlying principles ... and
    > thereafter expressing grace and mercy out of humility and great debt.

    If you believe that the Levitical prohibitions are one of the contributing
    problems, then you yourself do not understand the science/ religion
    interface. Ken Ham is correct. The liberal position of the mainstream
    churches regarding homosexuality and sex in general is beginning to
    accelerate their decay. It is a factor in the Catholic Church's sex scandal
    (Goddby Good Men, How Liberals infiltrated the Roman Catholic church, Michael
    S. Rose, Regnery Publishing). Religious conservatism is being attacked and
    discouraged in this country to weaken us and increase social atomization.

    To give you an example of how religion is being turned on its head, look at
    this article from the neo-conservative (code word=Jewish) national review and
    its interpretation of the tower of babel, then read my letter to the editor.
    Note that klinghoffer's interpretation (along with his rabbi's) morally
    buttresses unlimited immigration and the abolition of national borders. You
    think you know science, but you can't see a tactic of Tiglath Pilaser III
    working on your own religionists/nation right in front of your eyes.
    Just thought you'd like to see some real hypocrisy!
    Now consider that Kevin Macdonald, an evolutionary psychologist, has written
    3 books on the evolutionary strategy of Judaism and you haven't read one of
    Macdonald is cited in Wilson's Darwin's Cathedral 4 times.

    <A HREF="">>

    Dear Mr. Klinghoffer,

    It's amazing how you can turn around a Biblical story so it means the
    opposite of what it is intended to mean.

    In Genesis it is written that “The Lord came down to see the city and tower,
    which mortal men had built, and He said, ‘Here they are, one people with a
    single language, and now they have started to do this; hence forward nothing
    they have a mind to do will be beyond their reach. Come, let us go down there
    and confuse their speech, so that they will not understand what they say to
    one another.’ So the Lord dispersed them from there all over the earth, and
    they left off building the city.”

    But I'll add:

    And in the Book of Daniel, Daniel tells King Nebuchadnezzar, “As in your
    vision, the iron was mixed with common clay, so shall men mix with each other
    by intermarriage. But such alliances shall not be stable: iron does not mix
    with clay.”

    The intent of destroying the Tower of Babel was not to empower the
    Babylonians democratically, but to destroy their strength as you can see
    clearly in Daniel's interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream. The Israelites
    knew how to do this as it was a tactic used quite brutally against them by
    Tiglath Pilaser III in 738 B.C. on their own state of Israel. The mixed race
    that resulted from the Assyrians' policy of forced population transfer were
    the Samaritans, still outcasts among Jews themselves in the NT period. Tell
    your rabbi consultant the emperor wears no clothes. When orthodox Jewish
    communities are fully integrated, I will consider your interpretation. In the
    meantime, consider this:

    Jewish views on tolerance and diversity were clearly expressed in a Passover
    Special Issue Jewish Action Magazine distributed in local supermarkets last
    Passover by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.  “...Our
    aim is nothing less than to convince a record number of Jewish youngsters
    that interdating and intermarriage are a betrayal of who they are.”

    Until you address this hypocrisy, you're just a propaganda tool of the rabbi.


    Rich Faussette


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