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    > Can anyone give me one creationist argument which doesnt turn out to be
    > false or a semantic game when it is scrutinised?

    As evidence for rapid deposition, we have bedded marine strata. In
    marine environments today, bioturbation will commonly destroy bedding
    planes in the top few inches of the bottom sediment in less than a week.
    Yet we commonly find thin-bedded, fossiliferous units.

    Bivalve fossils (eg. clams) are commonly found closed, yet today when
    bivalves die the shells open and are disarticulated. Articulated
    bivalves are further evidence for rapid burial.

    Paraconformities, such as that between the Middle Cambrian Muav limestone
    and the overlying Lower Mississippian Redwall limestone of Grand Canyon,
    show lapses of time in deposition (in this case about 200 million years),
    yet show almost no physical evidence for the break in deposition. The
    lack of erosion and chemical weathering where there was supposedly a
    significant time break indicates continuous deposition, which would of
    course screw up the geologic time scale.

    Please point out the false statements and semantic games.


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