Re: Johnson on AIDS

Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 18:39:33 EST

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    Tim wrote:

    > Note the following: PJ writes, "This sleight of hand came naturally
    > to the virus hunters at the National Cancer Institute, who had
    > invented the HIV theory of AIDS after they had wasted many billions
    > searching for a viral cause of cancer and needed a new "deadly virus"
    > to justify their huge funding."

    Unfortunately, the AIDS virus has been very difficult to fight. Scientist
    have to be careful about announcing results that don't hold up to final
    scrutiny, and each time that there is another failure (like the recent
    results on the HIV vaccine), it is more fuel for this kind of politicizing.

    An NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) report
    can be found at

    There are a lot of people working on HIV. The reason progress is
    not made more rapidly is because it is just plain difficult to solve.
    The entire Christian community is being asked to listen to a lawyer
    and a renegade scientist to save the world from perhaps the most
    pernicious retrovirus ever to invade the human race. Yet even
    worse is ignoring the fact that the virus will likely find a way to
    infect the population at large. It is an excellent example of hubris.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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