RE: Johnson on Bible Answer Man

Date: Sat Mar 15 2003 - 22:25:27 EST

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    Moorad writes:
    > I am not defending PJs personal interactions with others. My statement
    >refers to his scientific/philosophical view that correctly criticizes the
    >statement of evolutionists that macroevolution is a fact rather than a
    >scientific assumption. As a Christian, I please God and not my ego when
    >discussing scientific issues but I will not be deterred from calling a
    >spade a spade.

    If PJ had stopped there rather than swallowing and repeating vacuous
    arguments like those found in Michael Denton's first book, I'd agree
    with you. But he never corrects himself nor offers retractions when
    his scientific gaffes are clearly presented to him. This is not to
    say that there aren't some scientists who behave similarly (Duesberg,
    for one), but none I consider worthy of respect. He could behave like
    Paul Nelson, but he doesn't come close.

    Moorad, I can believe it when you say you seek to please God instead
    of your ego in scientific discussions. But I have no idea who PJ
    is seeking to please. And I'm not even sure he's interested in
    discussing science because he hardly ever does.

    Tim (to despam, remove 2nd hormel)

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