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Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 11:33:55 EST

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    You're quite right; Christians should not behave in an unjust way.

    If they do, clergy who don't know the technical issues will have no
    reason to favour Christian evolutionists over Ken Ham.

    Also, when secular evolutionists are seen to be acting unjustly, the
    secular evolutionists may tar the Christian evolutionists with the same
    brush. That is why I referenced the Bryson story.

    It would hardly be an argument in the secular evolutionists' favour to
    say that their behaviour is explained by the fact that they are
    absolutely convinced that the evidence overwhelmingly supports them.

    That explains their behaviour without justifying it, equivalent to "He
    was too drunk to know what he was doing."

    As far as I am concerned, everybody who is in a catfight is a cat.


    >>In this atmosphere, it is no wonder that lay people listen to Ken
    >>Ham. Why should they believe that he's the only one who is unprofessional?
    > I am certainly quite aware of what so-called "liberals" can do in the
    > name of "freedom", but it does not justify that Christians should
    > stoop to the same level in response. Neither do I say that it is
    > easy nor do I say that I have never stooped to unchristian tactics.
    > All I say is that you can see what folly it produces and how it vitiates
    > the message of Christ when Christians treat people this way ---
    > even their own brothers and sisters in Christ.
    > by Grace alone we proceed,
    > Wayne

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