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Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 08:10:59 EST

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    > But I bet she is still pretty steamed about being fired in the first
    > place. In this atmosphere, it is no wonder that lay people listen to Ken
    > Ham. Why should they believe that he's the only one who is unprofessional?

    A word on ken ham: quote by ken ham from an AiG newsletter and quote by DS
    wilson from Darwin's Cathedral"

    "People intuitively know that religious morality as embodied in Calvin’s
    catechism is vital to the health of society. Ken Ham, the fundamentalist
    Christian is often lambasted because he espouses Creationism over
    evolutionary theory, but then Ham is a religious man whose primary concern is
    not for the physical sciences. He says,  “If Christian leaders have told the
    next generation that one can accept the world’s teachings in geology,
    biology, astronomy, etc., and use these to (re)interpret God’s Word, then the
    door has been opened for this to happen in every area, including morality.”31
     Ham’s primary concern is not the age of the earth, but the viability of the
    Ten Commandments from which Calvin’s catechism is drawn. Is he wrong? No. The
    belief system and social organization that Calvin founded based on
    Christianity “caused a city of roughly 13,000 souls to function more
    effectively than it ever did before. Indeed reform minded people from all
    over Europe flocked to Geneva to learn and export the secrets of its
    success.”32 Ken Ham champions Biblical morality because it is evolutionarily
    adaptive, but he doesn’t know that. As a Christian fundamentalist – he can't
    get past the religion he embraces to look at the science he rejects. By the
    same token, a lapsed religionist can't get past the science he embraces to
    consider the irrational he rejects. Wilson says religious beliefs should be
    considered from both rational and adaptive perspectives. If people are
    inclined to adaptive behaviors by a fear of God and their behaviors are truly
    adaptive, then the fear of God is adaptive, however irrational that belief
    may initially appear to an objective observer."


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