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Date: Sun Mar 16 2003 - 19:51:15 EST

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    I agree there are all sorts of combinatorics regarding what one believes. It seems to me that the first and foremost question is the existence or nonexistence of a Creator. Then there is a long chain of issues like does the Creator interact with His creation, how does it do it and can be detect it, did the Creator enter His creation (as Christians believe) etc. It is imperative for people to sort all these issues, which will then constitute their worldviews. I think the question of what science is and what it is not is extremely important. [One must also define what you mean by science, etc.] Things become very intricate if one wants to know and understand. I think reveled truths are very important to my worldview as a Christian. It is getting too deep for me. Moorad

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    > It is true that a materialist might dismiss evolutionary theory on
            evidentiary grounds but still the materialist is wedded to some sort of
            origin of the whole in terms of purely physical theories. If one has
            the gut feeling that such materialistic theories cannot explain the
            whole of reality, then non-physical concepts will come into the
            worldview of those who want to understand what the whole thing is all >
            about. Moorad
            True, but if you want to defend Darwin, you must defend him from actual
            hazards. One can be a materialist without believing in Darwin's theory,
            just as one can be a non-materialist and still believe in it. For that
            matter, one can be an atheist without being a materialist.
            Unfortunately, the fact that Richard Dawkins felt that Darwin enabled
            him to be intellectually fufilled as an atheist has sometimes been taken
            to mean that all atheists must feel the same. There may be some
            surprises in this area.
            Denyse O'Leary
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