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    It is true that a materialist might dismiss evolutionary theory on evidentiary grounds but still the materialist is wedded to some sort of origin of the whole in terms of purely physical theories. If one has the gut feeling that such materialistic theories cannot explain the whole of reality, then non-physical concepts will come into the worldview of those who want to understand what the whole thing is all about. Moorad

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    > Note first that a materialist is by nature a believer of evolutionary
    > theory. Of course, the converse does not follow.
            Hmmmm. Not necessarily. A materialist might dismiss evolutionary theory
            on evidentiary grounds. (Not proven beyond a reasonable doubt.) Lawyer
            Phillip Johnson would not have to be a Christian to amass evidence
            against evolution; a sharp criminal lawyer might enjoy the challenge of
            coming up with a good case, even if an atheist.
            Would mathematician David Berlinski, author of "The Deniable Darwin"
            provide an example of this? I've never heard anything about his
            religious convictions, if any, but he insists the case is unproven.
            Also, when science writer Gordon Rattray Taylor was dying, he wrote a
            very interesting book, The Great Evolution Mystery (London: Secker &
            Warburg, 1982) in which he outlined his objections to Darwinism. As far
            as I can tell, he was not a religious believer in any sense. He had seen
            and heard a lot of things that made him reluctant to just go along with
            the orthodoxy. He felt, as some others do, that there is something
            missing in the modern synthesis.
    > I am sure the materialists have used all sorts of denigrating
    > terms for those of us who believe in a Creator. Moorad Alexanian
            Um, yes. Check in with if you want to hear what they say.
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