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Date: Sun Mar 16 2003 - 11:35:25 EST

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    Note first that a materialist is by nature a believer of evolutionary theory. Of course, the converse does not follow. For the materialist, all your arguments are meaningless. I do not see how you can find a materialistic basis for terms such as wrong, truth, wisdom, God, etc. I am sure the materialists have used all sorts of denigrating terms for those of us who believe in a Creator. Moorad Alexanian


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                    Every scientist who has ever published a paper that is critical to other's work or is presenting a new idea knows full well that the writing of the paper is done as if one were presenting a brief before the US Superior Court. My daughter, who is not a physician, is a practicing lawyer but knows enough about medicine to properly depose physicians. I think this criticism of PJ is unwarranted. PJ has clearly brought to the fore the philosophical assumptions involved in evolutionary theory that go beyond science. I believe that is proper philosophy of science, if you like. Moorad

            It's usually my observation that the people who are most wrong tend
            to respond the most violently, abusively and arrogantly. Moreover, they
            are more likely to use their power to intimidate either physically or
            intellectually. The truth stands not because it is in the hands of the
            powerful and mighty, but because it is the truth.
            To question is not wrong because there is dogma in every human
            enterprise, but the weapons of your attack should ALWAYS be
            the sword of truth, not the words of slander, intellectual intimidation,
            innuendo and character assassination. It seems to me even prostitutes
            and soothsayers have sometimes wielded the words of truth in the
            scripture. So you cannot judge by position or title.
            The issue here is not actually whether evolution is true or false,
            but that PJ is using character assassination of an individual to
            discredit evolution. That I greatly object to that. We are all
            sinners and fallen people, so dirt is something we have plenty
            to share, but even those of us who are wrought with the slimiest
            mud can be used by God to speak words of His holy wisdom. Every
            person should always consider that they might be mistaken before
            they say such terrible things about others.
            by Grace alone we proceed,

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