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Date: Sun Mar 16 2003 - 00:27:49 EST

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    I know this is not new turf, but it seems to me that the terms
    microevolution and macroevolution are just a bit of sophistry (as is
    perhaps contrasting "fact" with "assumption"). Those micro- and macro-
    terms and the dividing line between them seem to be artifacts of the
    evolution discussion and not descriptive of some well-defined stay-put
    dividing line in nature. Calling a spade a spade, isn't the real issue
    either the timeline (micro becomes macro with the passage of "enough"
    time) or the special creation of man?

    Whether intentional or not, your last sentence captures well the
    challenge experienced by some of us in attempting to balance intent and
    worldview. I wonder if it is a right-brain vs left-brain conflict thing?!

    Regards - Jim Armstrong

    Alexanian, Moorad wrote:

    >I am not defending PJ’s personal interactions with others. My statement refers to his scientific/philosophical view that correctly criticizes the statement of evolutionists that macroevolution is a fact rather than a scientific assumption. As a Christian, I please God and not my ego when discussing scientific issues but I will not be deterred from calling a spade a spade. Moorad
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