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Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 19:19:15 EST

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    I'm fairly ignorant of Teilhard's work but I was wondering how well it (and
    your ideas) fit in with the Orthodox concept of 'theosis'? Finnish Lutheran
    theologians have been stressing the concept in Luther (perhaps too much) and
    others are finding similar results in Wesley, Aquinas, Calvin, etc. From my
    limited reading it would seem that the Patristic writers have much to teach
    us. Something like Maximus the Confessors concept of "cosmic redemption" (at
    least as seen through David Yeago's work!) would seem to be open to
    considerable application to science/faith issues especially as related to
    ecclesiology. Any thoughts on the matter?

    Karl V. Evans

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    << I haven't read D.S. Wilson's _Darwin's Cathedral_, though I have read the
     he & Sober did, _Unto Others_, on "The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish
     In the spirit of my subject line, let me suggest that a task more modest
    than trying to
     understand "religion" in scientific terms may also be of more theological
    interest than
     that. I refer to the idea suggested by Teilhard de Chardin that we ought to
    see the
     Christian church as The Body of Christ in evolutionary terms. I'll be happy
    to send my
     article "The Church in Evolution" (Seminary Ridge Review 5.1, 38, 2002) to


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