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Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 17:40:17 EST

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    > One could just as well argue that the denial of group selection serves an
    > example of good science being hijacked by one religious worldview (perhaps
    > an atheistic one) to give the appearance of discrediting the efficacy of
    > other religious worldviews (theistic ones). As such, it would be a rather
    > self-defeating strategy, would it not?

    “Evolutionary biologists in the1960s rejected group selection so strongly
    that it became heretical tothink of  ‘society as an organism’… forhumans or
    any other species… the rejection of group selection was hailed byevolutionary
    biologists as a major event… the greatest intellectual revolutionof the
    twentieth century.” 


    "In 1962, V. C. Wynne-Edwards published Animal Dispersion in Relation to
    Social Behavior, which stated that reproductive restraint enabled groups of
    individual organisms to avoid the disastrous population crashes that followed
    the exhaustion of available resources. The process was called group selection
    in contrast to individual selection because it assumed a certain degree of
    altruism on the part of individuals toward a group’s survival. Genetic
    variations that did maximize breeding performancewere eliminated by the
    extinction of the groups in which they arose.Wynne-Edwards’ theory was so
    heavily documented it provoked an intense reaction and an immense amount of
    work resulting in some very important discoveries. David Lack, an
    ornithologist, soon persuasively argued that breeding restraint was illusory.
    W.D. Hamilton’s brilliant concept of an individual’s inclusive fitness
    stated that the more genes individuals share, the more likely they are to
    behave altruistically toward one another. Hamilton’s theory was a powerful
    idea solving problems of altruism and sterile sub populations that had been
    around since Darwin’s time. In this extraordinarily productive reaction to
    Wynne-Edwards challenge, the significance of group selection was lost."

    how does science discredit theism - it doesn't say god doesn't exist - it
    says there is no scientific proof - that's like saying I don't see it so it
    doesn't exist - one doesn't necessarily follow the other -


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