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Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 17:31:20 EST

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    > As I noted above, it looks to me like a case of one religious worldview
    > battling another religious worldview by attempting to kidnap and exploit
    > science as its ally. In the process, good objective science becomes the
    > loser.
    > Is that not what also happens in the evolutionism versus creationism debate?
    > [where "evolutionism" here signifies evolutionary science kidnapped by
    > maximal naturalism, and "creationism" here signifies a highly selective and
    > unconventional science kidnapped by supernatural interventionism, whether of
    > the "creation science" or ID variety.]
    > Howard Van Till

    I can't respond to such general comments - I can't respond to what you think
    is happening in the evolution/creationism debate because creationism is
    absolutely false. I have been working in isolation on this issue since 1979.
    I was not aware of kevin macdonald until 1998. when I sent him my essay
    natural selection and the nature of god - he said I was right in all my basic
    conclusions. I then discovered his 3 books and what I had uncovered in
    isolation dovetailed perfectly with what he had written. The chances of that
    happening as coincidence for my work to agree with his perfectly are almost
    nil. I correspond with him today. creationism is wrong - ken ham is right
    that we can't let go of Biblical morality but creationism is just wrong. The
    real truth of genesis was hidden by the kabbalists. That truth is what I
    uncover in True Religion - the Darwinian interpretation of Biblical Symbols -
    if you want a copy of the paper, you can have it - if you have any exposure
    to psychology and topics like ontological anxiety (tillich) and pure altruism
    it is easy to understand the paper.
    creationism is simply distracting you from where you have to go. Howard,
    kevin macdonald has a home page at california state university - do a search
    - and send him an e-mail - ask him if I know what I'm talking about - just
    ask him. an evolutionary understanding of religion would save the churches,
    not hurt them but it is only apprehensible to the elite who can understand it
    - which is precisely what the kabbalists said was the case


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