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From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 13:01:11 EST

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    Dick, in response to Burgy:

    > For me as a theist, I would want to know why an intelligent agent can
    > design bacteria flagellum and can't rid us humans of Parkinson's disease,
    > or muscular dystrophy, or Alzheimers. Are bacteria more important? Is it
    > easier to design on a grand scale than to correct mistakes? Does the
    > intelligent designer flub it up occasionally? Does the designer have
    > certain limits beyond which it is simply incapable of acting? Are there
    > certain things the designer just doesn't care enough about to bother?

    This is an interesting answer to a question of this sort: What must the ID
    folks show to convince the world of rational and compassionate people that
    ID's Intelligent Designer deserves their admiration, gratitude and trust?

    If the character of the ID movement's Intelligent Designer and the nature
    of that Designer's relationship to the world are such that the Designer is
    both willing and able to perform the necessary form-conferring, supernatural
    interventions at the molecular level to add a rotary propulsion system to
    the E. coli bacteria lurking in our intestines, then what do we learn about
    that Intelligent Designer from all of the things that the Designer
    apparently, though fully capable, chose not to do?

    Howard Van Till

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