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Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 15:13:33 EST

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    Dear Sondra,

    See the following secular historical sources written shortly after Christ
    for reference to Jesus indicating his historicity but also implying his

    Josephus(Jewish historian): Antiquities: James, brother of Jesus the
    Christ, stoned to death because of his dedication to Christ.

    Tacitus (Roman historican): The Histories(?): Nero's conflagration of
    Rome, blamed on Christians, a mischievous superstition, broken up but
    spread to Rome.

    Hope these help.

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    On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Sondra Brasile wrote:

    > Hi all!
    > You guys are so good at what you do (speculate and argue ;) haha) and so
    > "learned" I wanted to ask your advice.
    > I'm doing an assignment and I have write an argument essay, I've decided
    > after two weeks of torture trying to come up with a subject, to do it on the
    > historicity of Jesus. I was beginning to change my mind until I researched
    > that ossuary more (which I left for last). I know it's pretty new, but what
    > do you guys think about it? Do you guys think that it's been pretty
    > successful, as far as 'proof' is concerned, that Jesus really lived? Of
    > course I believe that the Bible is more than enough "proof" but I have to
    > convince non-believers that he at least walked on this earth. Whether he was
    > the son of God or not isn't my problem at this point; thank goodness!
    > I haven't read a secular source, yet that doesn't seem to believe it is
    > authentic and that doesn't say that the chances of it being another
    > (coincidental) trio are slim to none. They seem to agree it has to refer to
    > the Jesus, James and Joseph in the Bible.
    > Can anyone help me out?
    > Thank you so much!
    > Sondra Brasile
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