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Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 13:27:53 EST

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    Thanks, Allen.


    >From: allenroy <>
    >Subject: Re: test questions-old topic
    >Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 08:23:30 -0700
    >John Burgeson wrote:
    >>I read one in ICR's ACTS & FACTS last month on their RATE project.
    >>Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I discarded it. Something to do with
    >>helium trapped in rock formations providing evedence of a young earth.
    >I think you are refering to the notice on page 2 of the March Acts and
    >Facts: See the PDF file below.
    >Allen Roy
    >"I have been shown that, without Bible history, geology can prove nothing.
    >Relics found
    >in the earth do give evidence of a state of things differing in many
    >respects from the
    >present. But the time of their existence, and how long a period these
    >things have been in
    >the earth, are only to be understood by Bible history. It may be innocent
    >to conjecture
    >beyond Bible history, if our suppositions do not contradict the facts found
    >in the sacred
    >Scriptures. But when men leave the word of God in regard to the history of
    >creation, and
    >seek to account for God's creative works upon natural principles, they are
    >upon a
    >boundless ocean of uncertainty. Just how God accomplished the work of
    >creation in six
    >literal days, he has never revealed to mortals. His creative works are just
    >incomprehensible as his existence." Ellen Gould Harmon White, 1864

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