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    Publication:The New York Sun; Date:Mar 12, 2003;
    Section:National; Page:2


    By ADAM DAIFALLAH Staff Reporter of the Sun

        WASHINGTON — Richard Perle, the influential
    foreign policy hawk, is suing journalist Seymour Hersh
    over an article he wrote implying that Mr. Perle is
    using his position as a Pentagon adviser to benefit
    financially from a war to liberate Iraq.

        "I intend to launch legal action in the United
    Kingdom. I’m talking to Queen’s Counsel right now,"
    Mr. Perle, who chairs the Pentagon’s Defense Policy
    Board, a non-paying position, told The New York Sun
    last night.

        He said he is suing in Britain because it is
    easier to win such cases there, where the burden on
    plaintiffs is much less.

        Mr. Hersh’s article, which appears in the March 17
    issue of the The New Yorker magazine, said Mr. Perle
    met for lunch with two Saudi businessman in France in
    January in an attempt to

    seek Saudi investment for a company Mr. Perle is
    associated with, Trireme Partners L.P.

        Trireme was created to "invest in companies
    dealing in technology, goods, and services that are of
    value to homeland security and defense," according to
    Mr. Hersh’s article.

        Mr. Hersh writes that Mr. Perle said that the
    meeting was convened only to talk about a diplomatic
    alternative to war in Iraq. One of the meeting’s
    participants, Harb Saleh Al-Suhair, a Saudi born in
    Iraq, wanted to discuss averting war with Mr. Perle.
    But according to the article, both Saudi businessmen —
    Mr. Al-Suhair and Adnan Kashoggi — thought the purpose
    of the meeting was to discuss Iraq as well as Saudi
    investment in Trireme.

        But the article quotes all three participants
    saying that Saudi investment in Trireme was not
    discussed at the lunch, because, as Mr. Al-Zuhair
    says, Mr. Perle said "he was above the money"and that
    he "stuck to his idea that ‘we have to get rid of
    Saddam.’" And to this day, according to the article,
    no Saudi money has been invested in Trireme.

        When asked what part of the article is incorrect,
    Mr. Perle told the Sun: "It’s all lies, from beginning
    to end."

        The editor of The New Yorker, David Remnick, is
    sticking by Mr. Hersh’s piece.

        "It went through serious reporting, with four
    members of the board talking to Sy [Hersh], and
    rigorous factchecking, legal-checking and all the
    rest," Mr. Remnick told the Sun.

        He said he took issue with Mr. Perle’s description
    of Mr. Hersh on CNN Sunday as "the closest thing
    American journalism has to a terrorist."

        "I would have thought after all this many years,
    Mr. Perle would be a bit more refined than that," Mr.
    Remnick said.

        The Saudi Arabian ambassador to America, Prince
    Bandar bin Sultan, is quoted in the article accusing
    Mr. Perle of "blackmail."

        A former deputy undersecretary of defense who
    worked with Mr. Perle, Stephen Bryen, defended Mr.
    Perle as well.

        "It’s pretty outrageous for a leftwing columnist
    to make accusations like this with no factual basis.
    Most of the many hours he works each day are pro bono
    to help the administration with its policy on Iraq. He
    should get is a medal of honor," Mr. Bryen said.

        A senior fellow at the Hudson Institute who was
    the architect of a briefing to Mr. Perle’s Defense
    Policy Board on Saudi Arabia last summer, Laurent
    Murawiec, said Mr. Hersh’s piece is "pure bull."

        "It sounds like the kind of thing that’s done for
    the sole purpose and intent to blacken someone.
    Richard has been in public life for over 30 years and
    his ethics have never been challenged by anybody. I
    found the piece blindingly transparent as an ad
    hominem hack job. It’s thoroughly disgusting," Mr.
    Murawiec said.

        Mr. Perle is a director of Hollinger International
    Inc., which is an investor in the Sun.

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