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    > I see Ruse's comments as an expression of: a) a desire to protect science
    > from being kidnapped and held hostage by any religious worldview, whether
    > theistic, agnostic or atheistic, 2) a judgment that that a lot of
    > worldview-driven nonsense has come to be falsely associated with science,
    > especially with the concept of evolution, 3) a desire to see more
    > substantive discussion about what well-informed science and honest religion
    > might contribute to one another, and 4) the confidence that his personal
    > worldview need not be protected by a program of misrepresenting or
    > exploiting science to say what it does not or cannot say.
    > Looks like an excellent model.
    > Howard Van Till

    Except that it is a marked contrast to the reality of the sciences as
    presented in David sloan Wilson's Darwin's Cathedral who claims functionlaism
    in the social sciences and evolutionary biology were hijacked in the '60s by
    social scientists to deny group selection in order to disenfranchise any
    claim that religious belief and practice were efficacious for those
    practicing them. Below is Dawkins' (an evolutionary biologist) latest
    offering. Note Dawkins VERSUS priests. Ruse has the reality backward. It is
    NOT science that is being kidnapped by religion but religion being
    deliberately and *incorrectly* undermined by science. Wilson calls religion
    adaptive. See below:

    Dawkins versus the priests and New Age shamans? No contest

    Richard Dawkins is suitably knockabout in A Devil's Chaplain - but he should
    stop pulling his punches, writes Robin McKie

    Sunday March 9, 2003
    The Observer

    A Devil's Chaplain
    by Richard Dawkins
    Weidenfeld & Nicolson 16.99, pp264

    Consider this experiment in temporal ingenuity. You are holding your mother's
    left hand. At the same time, she clutches her own mother, your grandmother,
    with her right. Your grandmother then holds her mother's hand, and so on into
    the past.

    With each individual allocated a yard of private space, your ancestral queue
    snakes off into the Industrial Revolution, through the Middle Ages and on into
    prehistory, until, 300 miles down the line, it eventually reaches the missing
    link, the common ancestor that humans shared with chimpanzees six million

    Now imagine a similar, parallel queue emerging from that common ancestor, this
    time following the chimpanzee side of her family - until it reaches the
    day. 'You are now face to face with your chimpanzee cousin, and you are joined
    to her by an unbroken chain of mothers holding hands,' Dawkins observes.

    Full text
    <A HREF=",6121,910163,00.html">,6121,910163,00.html>

    A Devil's Chaplain
    Richard Dawkins
    Hardcover - 320 pages (6 February, 2003)
    Weidenfeld & Nicholson; ISBN: 0297829734
    <A HREF="">>


    Book Description

    The selected writings of the famous evolutionary biologist who has changed the
    way people think.


    A reviewer wrote of "The Selfish Gene" that it was 'rich with metaphor,
    passionate arguments, wry humour, colourful examples and unexpected
    connections'. This selection of Richard Dawkins large output of articles,
    lectures, individual chapters and reviews demonstrates the breadth of his
    interests, the sheer quality of his writing and the challenging nature of his
    trenchantly held views. Whether writing on the many aspects of evolution or on
    science in general, the importance of science, the poetry of science, the fact
    that science is inspiring (or ought to be), he is often provocative, sometimes
    outrageous, never less than highly influential.

    About the Author
    Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist renowned throughout the world. He
    was educated at Oxford and taught zoology before becoming the first holder of
    the Charles Simonyi Chair of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford
    University, in 1995. His previous books rank among the most influential
    intellectual works of our time., They include The Selfish Gene (1976), River
    Out of Eden (1995), and Unweaving the Rainbow (1999).

    Dawkins is a proponent of strict Darwinism which as wilson says is now proven
    to be incorrect and was ideologically suppressed beginning in the '60s and
    now replaced by multilevel selection theory which supports Spencer's idea (as
    early as 1876) and durkheim's functionalsim that ecclesiastical systems
    maintain social bonds and operate as organisms as Calvin said in his



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