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Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 11:56:57 EST

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    > This reminds me of the good old days of Stalin when Russians were
    > keenly aware of the phrase "vrag naroda" (enemy of the people). You _must_
    > be a counter revolutionary because you look like one.
    > Must we revisit this yet all over again?
    > By Grace alone we proceed,
    > Wayne

    I'm not sure I'm interpreting your remark correctly, but if you mean are
    there marxist processes at work now in this country at this time - there
    definitely are - the churches were closed in the USSR, priests imprisoned and
    executed - the synagogues remained open - the churches are once again under
    attack - by our own left leaning 9th circuit - keep your eyes open

    This is from Darwin's Cathedral by DSWilson, an evolutionary biologist:

    The key, argues Wilson, is to think of society as an organism, an old idea
    that has received new life based on recent developments in evolutionary

    But wilson says the idea of society as organism has been resisted by
    (leftist) academia

    Evolutionary biologists in the1960s rejected group selection so strongly
    that it became heretical to think of society as an organism for humans
    or any other species the rejection of group selection was hailed by
    evolutionary biologists as a major event the greatest intellectual
    revolution of the twentieth century.

    Why are the evolutionary biologists so against the idea of society as
    organism (group selection)? They don't want to scientifically enfranchise the
    organized churches. Look at #6 in Calvin's catechism.

    Elements of Calvins catechism of 1538:

    1. Obey parents
    2. Obey magistrates
    3. Obey pastors
    4. Abandon self-will
    5. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    6. Behave as a single organism
    7. Dont harm or kill your neighbor

    8. No lewdness and sex only in marriage
    9. No theft, either by violence or cunning

    10. Dont swear false oaths

    11. Dont bear false testimony

    12. Pay taxes and perform other civic duties

    13. Behave in a civil manner


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