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Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 07:56:41 EST

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    > So I am not impressed that somebody says that he is a Christian of a
    > traditional sort and believes that evolution is our creator.

    This is nonsense. NO Christian who understands evolutionary processes, says
    evolution is our creator - if it "is" it "is" because God created it.

    I am writing a book review of Darwin's Cathedral. Once it is submitted and
    hopefully accepted for publication (it was solicited from me - I didn't
    solicit it) I will post it here. If it is not accepted I will post it here
    once I am apprised of that. Suffice to say, Dawkins is among those who are
    trying to disenfranchise not religion particularly but the established
    churches which as Herbert Spencer (1876) said are ecclesiastical systems
    which maintain the social aggregrate. Calvin called it church as organism.


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