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Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 17:39:06 EST

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    George wrote: " I don't approach the issue in terms of "inerrancy" at all."

    I am a little puzzled. If "inerrancy" isn't the issue, what is?

    "That term has been so compromised by being associated with the idea that
    narratives can be considered true only if they are accurate scientific &/or
    historical accounts that it just isn't useful
    anymore outside of debates with fundamentalists."

    Partially, I agree. That is why I like Davis's book. He uses "infallibility"
    and defends that term. Even so, I note, he sees "bad morality" in some parts
    of scripture and does not believe that God really did order the slaughter of
    women & children of the Caananites (in Joshua) but holds that the writer of
    that book appropriated the favor of God when it was not given.

    Have you ever read Davis's book? Or my notes on it?

    "'s clear that there are some errors like those in Mt.27:9."

    I am aware of several ad hocs for Matthew 27:9 -- IMHO I could see it as w/o
    error much more easily that Mt 1.

    As I said before, I wrestle with this stuff. I'd dearly love for the Bible
    to be inerrant. But I cannot assume that a priori. Lacking that, I think I
    can accept the term "infallible," at least as Davis uses it.

    I appreciate the discussion.


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