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Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 17:21:25 EST

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    It's what one expects from Ruse. He's always fair reasonable and careful in
    what he says. He is not a Christian but know what Christianity is.
    So what he says is worth pondering. He always sheds light - and humour


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    > Hi there,
    > There's a very interesting article by Michael Ruse in the latest issue
    > of Science entitled "Is Evolution a Secular Religion?"
    > This is his last paragraph:
    > "So, what does our history tell us? Three things. First, if the claim is
    > that all contemporary evolutionism is merely an excuse to promote moral
    > and societal norms, this is simply false. Today's professional
    > evolutionism is no more a secular religion than is industrial chemistry.
    > Second, there is indeed a thriving area of more popular evolutionism,
    > where evolution is used to underpin claims about the nature of the
    > universe, the meaning of it all for us humans, and the way we should
    > behave. I am not saying that this area is all bad or that it should be
    > stamped out. I am all in favor of saving the rainforests. I am saying
    > that this popular evolutionism--often an alternative to
    > religion--exists. Third, we who cherish science should be careful to
    > distinguish when we are doing science and when we are extrapolating from
    > it, particularly when we are teaching our students. If it is science
    > that is to be taught, then teach science and nothing more. Leave the
    > other discussions for a more appropriate time."
    > Very interesting conclusions from someone who doesn't consider himself a
    > Christian.
    > -Marcio

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