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Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 16:47:22 EST

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    Hi there,

    There's a very interesting article by Michael Ruse in the latest issue
    of Science entitled "Is Evolution a Secular Religion?"

    This is his last paragraph:

    "So, what does our history tell us? Three things. First, if the claim is
    that all contemporary evolutionism is merely an excuse to promote moral
    and societal norms, this is simply false. Today's professional
    evolutionism is no more a secular religion than is industrial chemistry.
    Second, there is indeed a thriving area of more popular evolutionism,
    where evolution is used to underpin claims about the nature of the
    universe, the meaning of it all for us humans, and the way we should
    behave. I am not saying that this area is all bad or that it should be
    stamped out. I am all in favor of saving the rainforests. I am saying
    that this popular evolutionism--often an alternative to
    religion--exists. Third, we who cherish science should be careful to
    distinguish when we are doing science and when we are extrapolating from
    it, particularly when we are teaching our students. If it is science
    that is to be taught, then teach science and nothing more. Leave the
    other discussions for a more appropriate time."

    Very interesting conclusions from someone who doesn't consider himself a


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