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Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 12:39:56 EST

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    Peter wrote: "A more natural explanation just occurred to me. In the bible,
    intervals of times in days routinely include the starting day and the ending
    day, such as Jesus' resurrection after "three days". So we could expect
    intervals of generations to include the starting and ending names to be
    counted. ... In this way, David... is counted twice, accounting for the 41
    rather than 42 names... ."

    The "David is counted twice" explanation is another of the many ad hocs put
    forth by people more intent in "defending their view of scripture" than
    using their heads. Sorry to be blunt -- that's how I see it. This ad hoc has
    the writer of Matthew doing the starting day -- ending day" form of counting
    once out of three instances; if he had done it thrice I suppose the argument
    might have some strength.

    Here at Iliff we have a 300,000 book library on religion. I've looked fairly
    hard for someone with a reasonable explanation of this error -- I've not
    looked in every book though. So far -- one ad hoc after another -- the
    "best" being something like Harold Lindsell's arguments for biblical
    inerrancy which concludes that Peter must have denied the Lord six, not just
    three, times.

    Make no mistake -- if the Bible really IS inerrant, then some ad hoc must,
    in the last analysis, be true. But at that point one might as well just
    assume that he is really a "brain in a vat" and that all the material world
    impressions coming in through his five senses are simply electronic
    stimulations performed by a successful midieval alchemist. It could be, you
    know. Like Gosse's OMPHALOS thesis, that claim is quite protected from ever
    being disproven.


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