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Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 18:53:21 EST

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    To the forum:

    Let me first thank Peter for focussing attention once more on the unresolved mystery concerning the emergence of accurate values for the primary universal constants pi and e from the Hebrew of Genesis 1:1 and the Greek of John 1:1, respectively - these matters being first introduced to the list in June 2001 under the heading "Watershed". My thanks also to David, Wayne, Iain and John for their recent contributions.


    As many will already know, my reading of the situation - following the example of the SETI endeavour - is that these facts (augmented by the many other phenomena described in the pages of constitute proof that certain key parts of the biblical text - as found in current copies of the Hebrew and Greek originals - are intelligently designed, i.e. the numbers representing a fair alternative reading of the words are informative in respect of the coordinated symmetrical geometries, symbolisms and associations conveyed. Further, from a consideration of the nature of the text, the circumstances attending their appearance there and the negative greeting they have received across the board, I am convinced that such wonders must be the work of God. My experience over many years thus leads me to put a relevant question to the forum: "To what extent are Christians (and children of the Enlightenment) now capable of, (a) recognising, (b) receiving, and (c) acting on divinely-given signs and wonders?" Many would no doubt argue that such things are no longer to be expected - to be ruled out, even. But, God being sovereign - and the times surely crying out for divine action - we have to ask Why not?


    So for one reason or another many find they are unable share this understanding. However, if I am correct, then surely few would dispute the profound implications that must follow. It must be important, therefore, that we get to the nub of this matter. The phenomena are real; they are found in a book that claims for itself divine inspiration; they are intensely associated with its fundamental and strategically-placed opening verse, and with the name and title of its chief character - our Creator, Lord, and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thus, from every point of view it appears that we would be most unwise to allow the mystery to continue unresolved.


    It seems to me, therefore, that the following three proposals need to be urgently addressed if further discussion of the OBC ("Other Bible Code") phenomena is to yield constructive fruit:


    (1) To accept that it is extremely unlikely that these are fortuitous; in other words, to believe that beyond reasonable doubt they represent features of ID.


    (2) To accept that the parallel phenomenon of cognitive dissonance - unleashed by these disclosures - is a feature completely in line with scriptural expectations.


    (3) To accept that from a reasoned consideration of the circumstances attending (1) and the biblical strictures that explain (2), the OBC phenomena - beyond reasonable doubt - must represent a divine, unsolicited, and standing 'sign' for this generation.

    Sincerely, and with kind regards,



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