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From: William T. Yates (billyates@billyates.com)
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 22:49:15 EST

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    Subject: Re: Faster than light??
    Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 19:38:37 +0100
    From: Mathew Orman <orman@tyrellinnovations.com>
    To: <billyates@billyates.com>

    As of March 15th 2003 Tyrell Innovations Deutschland will be offering
    FTL (Faster Than Light) data transmition lines for sale!

    The product line will consist of following grades:
    Low frequency FTL data transmition line, up to 100Mbit/sec and FTL speed
    15x speed of light.
    High frequency UFTL data transmition line, up to 1.5Gbit/sec and FTL
    speed 6x speed of light.
    Standard stock lengths will be 1m, 2m,5m and 10m. and impedance of 50 or
    Custom lengths up to 30km available up on request.
    All product will carry 100% money back guarantee of performance and
    limited life time warranty.
    All enquiries at ftl@ultra-faster-than-light.com
    Website launching on March 14 2003 here at www.ultra-faster-than-light.com

    Tyrell Innovations Deutschland
    Rauschwalder Str. 48A
    02826 Goerlitz
    Mathew Orman

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