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Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 17:47:33 EST

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    Peter wrote:
    A solid demonstration that the probabilities involved may be higher than,
    say, 0.001 could put results can be made up, without any evidence, will not.

    Just a comment on the numbers game in Scripture. I attended a lecture at the
    NY Public Library last night. The lecturer was Elisheva Carlebach, a
    professor of history at Queens College at CUNY. The title of the lecture was
    The Anti-Christian Strain in Early Modern Yiddish Culture.

    The professor explained that much anti-Christian Jewish polemic was coded
    into ordinary documents such as calendars. The codes could take all forms by
    changing words or using numbers. In a handheld calendar that was written in
    manuscript, the professor pointed out 3 to 4 different coding schemes for
    Christian holy days and other items. Some examples were changing the name of
    a local church known as the white church and referring to it in Yiddish as
    the black hole or marking the Annunciation on a calendar with the label 'isa'
    (eesha) or woman rather than 'betulah' or virgin to covertly express the
    fallacy of a virgin birth in connection with Jesus. Listening to the lecture
    I thought of the numbers thread on this list.

    Aside from the lecture, the kabbalists also spoke of a penchant for codes in
    the kabbalah, so the idea of hidden codes in Scripture does not seem far
    fetched as a concept though it would require some substantiation to claim the
    existence of a particular code, I would think.


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