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    Hi Karl E. (and James M.)

    Yes I am still lurking here. However, since I subscribe to the digest
    version of the ASA listserv it takes a extra day for postings to show up in
    my mailbox.

    I highly recommend Giberson's book, "Worlds Apart ..." I have loaned my
    copy out several times and everyone returns it impressed. I believe that
    the local Regis College has even used this book in some of its Theology &
    Science type classes.

    Karl E. has related most of what I know about Karl G. I haven't met Karl
    G. personally but I know at least one friend/colleague of his. To amplify
    Karl E.'s remark, Karl G. is the editor of and a frequent contributor to
    the "Research News & Opportunities in Science and Theology" magazine

    James - You might want to also check out this publication for your
    biography. See the above website for a free 6 month subscription (actually
    free w/ no strings attached!).

    While searching for the "Research News" URL, I also came across the
    following sites:
    Giberson's ENC Bio

    and a recent article (2/8/03) in the Boston Daily Globe

    (If Karl Giberson ever reads this, advertising fees can be sent to the
    address below <grins>)
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    Karl Evans wrote:
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    << Folks,

    Someone who read my annotated bibliography said, "Just curious as to why
    AND RELIGION. Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Mo."

    That makes me think that perhaps Giberson is someone I should know
    about. Can someone who knows him, tell me something about Giberson and
    what they think of his contribution to the literature on science and

    James and Florence Mahaffy 712 722-0381 (Home)
    227 S. Main St. 712 722-6279 (Office)
    Sioux Center, IA 51250


    Karl Giberson teaches physics at Eastern Nazarene College near Boston. He
    also editor of the "newspaper-type" publication put out by the Templeton
    organization (I can't remember the title...News & Views maybe). He and his
    colleague Donald Yerxa frequently team-up on science-faith issues and are
    fairly often in Books & Culture. If I remember correctly, within the past
    year he did a 3-part series on Isaac Newton for B&C.

    He also has several books out, including a new one with Yerxa. A search of
    google and/or should give you more info. I have not read his
    books but have had them highly recommended; they apparently aim for an
    educated layman/college student level.

    By the way, his last name is pronounced with a long i -- the Gi rhymes with

    by. Hope this helps; if my colleague Steve Smith is still lurking on this
    list, he can tell you a lot more.

    Karl V. Evans

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