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Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 17:33:15 EST

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    > Everyone seems to be putting in his/her two denari worth on this thread.
    > In my opinion, only George's much earlier post describing the issues
    > surrounding the just(ifiable) war issue have been worth the read -

    Yes, but George is a bone fide theologian and his posts are always more astute than what many of us have to offer.

    > giving
    > me something to think about. Here are a couple of other (possibly) helpful
    > thoughts.
    > 1) Jesus' statement about rendering unto Ceasar what is Caesar's and unto
    > God what is God's seems a more useful idea than WWJD in regard to going to
    > war. Although we are a democracy and should vote based on our convictions,
    > in daily life most of us are mere pawns; if we are drafted to support our
    > country militarily, etc., we must have pretty substantial and unambiguous
    > reasons not to comply. Nowhere do we see Jesus caring one iota whether a
    > person he ministered to was a Jew, a regular citizen, or a Roman officer.
    > He never implied that it was immoral, in principle, for a believing
    > Centurian soldier to remain so even though the soldier's government
    > occupied Israel and persecuted the Jews and the early church.
    > 2) Not that his is the final word on the matter, but C.S. Lewis wrote
    > (transcribed speech, I think) about why he wasn't a pacifist. If I
    > remember correctly, his reasons were somewhat like what I have put forth
    > above. I think I will go home a give it a read.

    Another one by C.S. Lewis along these lines may be found on the web at:

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