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Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 15:26:02 EST

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    > Regarding What Would Jesus Do or Say? I would rather concentrate on
    > What
    > Jesus Did or Said! Let us not go into the business of guessing what
    > would God do. Moorad
    All my ancestors were Amish or Mennonites, and I grew up in a pacifist
    church. Despite this indoctrination, I have had to conclude that the
    peace churches have misinterpreted scripture by transferring what
    properly applies to Christian individuals to the secular state. (I
    consider the _cuius regio ejus religio_ perverse, so all states are
    secular or demonic whatever their claims.) I can turn the other cheek
    because the state protects me. But my forgiveness of an offender does not
    mean that the judicial system should not punish. If I refuse to
    prosecute, the miscreant is free to attack my fellowcitizens, and I am
    supporting evil. Until God takes complete direct charge of all human
    governments, there is no superior jurisdiction controlling the actions of
    rogue nations. So the rules that apply to me cannot apply to any state on
    earth. The duty of states relative to their citizens and visitors are
    another matter.

    Those who argue that the United Nations takes the place of states in
    controlling evil are mistaken. NATO was needed in Europe to protect the
    countries in the alliance. Those outside NATO were brutalized by the
    Soviet dictatorship until its fall. The UN is currently reacting
    essentially as the League of Nations reacted to Mussolini's attack on
    Ethiopia, or as Chamberlain reacted to Hitler's invasions of Germany's
    neighbors. It seems likely that WWII would not have occurred had
    Mussolini and Hitler been challenged when they first started their armed
    expansion. I believe that it is by God's grace that we are not living
    with the 1000-year Reich, that Hitler foolishly attacked Russia before
    landing in England. But it took the combined efforts of almost all the
    rest of the world to defeat the Axis. Of course, following the arguments
    of some today, we'd be better off if no one had ever stood up to Hitler.
    Am I stupid that _Sieg Heil!_ doesn't thrill me?

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