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    Regarding What Would Jesus Do or Say? I would rather concentrate on What
    Jesus Did or Said! Let us not go into the business of guessing what
    would God do. Moorad

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    Joel Cannon wrote:

    > Walter Hicks said:
    > > I would suggest that the difference between Joel and Glenn is not a

    > > question of the Hubbert curve, but rather one of preconceived
    > > philosophies. It is just the same old liberal versus conservative
    > > outlooks (IMO) and has nothing to do with "WWJD".
    > OK Walter, you are asking the question that I would like people to be
    > asking and I find it being asked distressingly little. What would
    > Jesus do? Would he be at the controls of a bomber flying over Baghdad
    > and if he was there would he drop the bombs?

    That is a specious question IMO. Why not ask that question about World
    War II? Or about a Police Officer in the line of of duty? Or a home
    owner defending the life of his family when under attack and the only
    option left is to allow his family to die? How do you answer these? How
    many pacifist examples does one need?

    The real question is where do Christian values lie -- not would Jesus be
    a Bombardier? (See George Murphy's "just war?" posting). Do we follow a
    totally pacifist example and surrender to all enemies -- or is there a
    line somewhere? I submit that in the fight against evil one has to think
    it out in detail and not dumb down the issue with liberal or
    conservative canned philosophies (usually armed with propaganda
    arguments to enforce the preconceived notions). The question is one of
    how a Christian must react against evil in the best interest of all.

    WWJD? I submit that "do nothing" as a canned philosophy is definitely
    _not_ What Jesus Would Do.


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    exist true but not provable statements.
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