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    WWJD is an admirable approach to war; unfortunately, Jesus did not give us an
    example of what to do or not to do. Jesus left the wars and politics to the
    politicians and governments while He ministed to individuals.

    In the Old Testament, God ministered to individuals and nations. He
    ministered to nations by protecting or declaring war on groups of people. I
    understand fully that Jesus Christ and God are the same person; however, a
    distinction must be made when discussing WWJD. We tend to see Jesus as
    pacifist because He brought truth along with grace that leads us to repentance
    and an intimate relationship with Him. He is not a pacifist. When God's
    timing is complete, Jesus Christ will return with an army and "innocent"
    people will die.


    Quoting Joel Cannon <>:

    > Walter Hicks said:
    > > I would suggest that the difference between Joel and Glenn is not a
    > > question of the Hubbert curve, but rather one of preconceived
    > > philosophies. It is just the same old liberal versus conservative
    > > outlooks (IMO) and has nothing to do with "WWJD".
    > OK Walter, you are asking the question that I would like people to be
    > asking and I find it being asked distressingly little. What would
    > Jesus do? Would he be at the controls of a bomber flying over Baghdad
    > and if he was there would he drop the bombs?
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    > "I demand a better excuse than revenge or oil for the
    > prosecution of a war that is likely to do more harm than
    > good, that will destabilize not only the region but also
    > the world for years to come, and that will confirm...our
    > country's reputation as an irrational and undisciplined
    > bully."
    > - Rev. Peter Gomes, Baptist minister, Plummer
    > professor of morals at Harvard, and Republican.
    > He gave the blessing at Reagan's second inauguration
    > and preached at George Bush Senior's inauguration
    > service.
    > For a helpful discussion of the crisis in Iraq:

    Sheila McGinty

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