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Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 20:00:56 EST

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    Administrations rush to war with Iraq? (fwd)
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    >Regarding, Glenn's concern that Saddam's pan-Arabic government would
    >try to ``topple the West,'' it is not credible that a country whose
    >GNP in 1989 was $37,390 billion
    >was in deline has been declining since then as a result of the Gulf
    >war and sanctions )with a few motley fission weapons would
    >pose a legitimate threat to the US (or its allies). By contrast, the
    >US had a GNP in 1991 (the year of my almanac) of $5,233 billion
    >dollars, its defense budget exceeds the aggregate defense budget of
    >the next 10 largest military budgets, and it has a massive arsenal of
    >hydrogen bombs. Even if Saddam could add the combined GNP's of the
    >occupied countries and occupation cost Saddam nothing, the threat he
    >could pose would not be credible. (Glenn also mentioned N. Korea as a
    >parallel. They are not a credible force to topple the west.)

    Joel, my last response. I was enjoying not being on that list. I didn't say
    that North Korea had the force to topple the west. What I said was that we
    can't deal with them because they have the bomb.

    As to Iraq, you seem to have little ability to look into the future. If
    Saddam gets the bomb, the world and the US won't fight him because of our
    fear of the bomb. he can then re-take Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well. His
    GNP will no longer be 37 trillion but many times that because he will
    control the world's oil supply. He will have lots of money and slaves with
    which to do what Ghengis Khan did (I bet you haven't read how he conquored
    the world). He turned his conquored people into soldiers and marched them
    in front of his army. The money he would have would allow him to build lots
    of nukes lots of rockets. Egypt Libya and the rest of NOrth Africa could
    not stand before him after that.

    I think your problem is that you have never actually met some of these
    Islamicists. I suspect that you think everyone is desirous of a comfortable
    life of the intellect. That simply ain't so. It's a long story but I have
    sat and had dinner with some of the Palestinian militants. I can assure you
    that they are the most scarey guys I have ever had dinner with. They are
    babes compared with Saddam. Their view is not one of western liberal
    discussions and then we go to the pub and have a beer. They want power,
    they are willing to kill for it and if anyone gets in their way, too bad.
    They aren't like you so don't theorise that they are. Your goals are not
    theirs and your desires are not Saddam's or Ouday's. Your views would make
    them mock you in derision.

    Absolutely last reply. Don't copy me.


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