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Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 17:57:04 EST

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    > > There is a Christian tradition of silent prayer & Paul says that even when
    > > we don't know what to say, the Spirit prays for us (Rom.8:26). As to how
    > > God deals with the "good thoughts" of Buddhists I leave God to decide - but
    > > I doubt that he simply ignores them.
    > >
    > Buddhists don't believe in "good thoughts." They believe in the elimination
    > of conscious thought.
    > I Wo-Luan know a device
    > wherefore to blot out all my thoughts:
    > The objective world no more stirs the mind
    > And daily matures my Enlightenment!
    > from Zen Buddhism, selected writings of D.T. Suzuki edited by William Barrett
    > Interestingly, when there is no conscious thought, the self is unrealized or
    > sacrificed and what was formerly object, is the focus of attention and
    > becomes subject - the elimination of the subject/object dichotomy.

            Quite likely. Buddhism is the world religion I know least about - though I do
    know that Zen isn't its only variety. Richard Gere, from whom the "good thoughts"
    statement came, understands himself (I believe) to be a Buddhist so you'd have to argue
    with him. (& whatever their goal may be, I don't think most Buddhists can avoid all
    conscious thought.)


    George L. Murphy

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