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Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 14:23:48 EST

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    > There is a Christian tradition of silent prayer & Paul says that even when
    > we don't know what to say, the Spirit prays for us (Rom.8:26). As to how
    > God deals with the "good thoughts" of Buddhists I leave God to decide - but
    > I doubt that he simply ignores them.

    Buddhists don't believe in "good thoughts." They believe in the elimination
    of conscious thought.

    I Wo-Luan know a device
    wherefore to blot out all my thoughts:
    The objective world no more stirs the mind
    And daily matures my Enlightenment!

    from Zen Buddhism, selected writings of D.T. Suzuki edited by William Barrett

    Interestingly, when there is no conscious thought, the self is unrealized or
    sacrificed and what was formerly object, is the focus of attention and
    becomes subject - the elimination of the subject/object dichotomy.


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