Re: prophets gave little support as a rule to the Levitical Law?

Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 12:32:40 EST

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    > The policies established against intermarriage in the times of Ezra &
    > Nehemiah
    > are understandable for a small group of returned exiles who are surrounded
    > by enemies
    > and threatened with the possibility that their faith community will
    > disappear through
    > processes of assimilation & syncretism.

    From a Passover Special Issue Jewish Action Magazine distributed in local
    supermarkets last Passover by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of


    “...Our aim is nothing less than to convince arecord number of Jewish
    youngsters that interdating and intermarriage are a betrayal of who they
    are.” 18

    That is today's policy - it hasn't changed and if you read genesis 25-29, you
    will find how upset rebecca is when esau marries a canaanite woman:

    Rebecca arranges for Jacob to leave for Harran to find a wife among the
    daughters of Laban because she cannot bear for one of her sons to marry
    another Canaanite woman and because she fears Esau’s anger toward Jacob.

    Those policies are INTEGRAL to Judaism, the very core of the religion.


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