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Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 20:48:45 EST

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    << Folks,
     Someone who read my annotated bibliography said, "Just curious as to why
     AND RELIGION. Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Mo."
     That makes me think that perhaps Giberson is someone I should know
     about. Can someone who knows him, tell me something about Giberson and
     what they think of his contribution to the literature on science and
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    Karl Giberson teaches physics at Eastern Nazarene College near Boston. He is
    also editor of the "newspaper-type" publication put out by the Templeton
    organization (I can't remember the title...News & Views maybe). He and his
    colleague Donald Yerxa frequently team-up on science-faith issues and are
    fairly often in Books & Culture. If I remember correctly, within the past
    year he did a 3-part series on Isaac Newton for B&C.

    He also has several books out, including a new one with Yerxa. A search of
    google and/or should give you more info. I have not read his
    books but have had them highly recommended; they apparently aim for an
    educated layman/college student level.

    By the way, his last name is pronounced with a long i -- the Gi rhymes with
    by. Hope this helps; if my colleague Steve Smith is still lurking on this
    list, he can tell you a lot more.

    Karl V. Evans

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