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    > This "dampens" the significance of new
    > revelations especially when they propose novel doctrines not found in
    > scripture. I would be so bold as to suggest that if a particular view
    > of God and his relationship to the world derives from another source
    > than scripture, then it's in the category of myths and genealogies
    > that Paul condemns in 1 Timothy. We do not profess on-going
    > revelations to be our guide in matters of faith and conduct but
    > rather the Bible alone.

    I agree with TG, but maybe not for the same reasons.
    Recent studies of the Bible indicate an evolutionary strategy fully consonant
    with evolutionary theory without stretching the Bible at all or
    re-interpreting it but just reading it from a modern evolutionary
    perspective. A man has just been sued in the Czech republic for using the
    phrase "evolutionary strategy of Judaism" in a new book. He says the phrase
    explains the survivability and success of Jewish communities throughout the
    world and over time. Czech Jews are up in arms about it, they say its
    anti-semitic, but the bottom line is what he is saying is that their success
    comes from their devotion to Biblical Law. If that is true, it certainly
    supports inerrancy of Scripture bigtime.

    Here is an article about the Czech author. Take it with a grain of salt. If
    you do a search on magnus bennett, the author of the article, he is somewhat
    of a zealous Jewish partisan. Below the article is a note from the author
    himself whose message suggests his situation is not as dire as bennett
    suggests in the article. This is hot off the presses, received in the last
    few days.

    Book on Jews both anti-Semitic
    and racist, Czech lawsuit says
    By Magnus Bennett

    PRAGUE, Feb. 18 (JTA) - A Czech academic is being taken to court over a
    book on Jews that critics say is potentially more dangerous to today's Jews
    than "Mein Kampf."
    "Taboos in Social Sciences," by the Czech psychologist Petr Bakalar,
    includes the theory that Jews who left Europe before the Holocaust were
    more intelligent than those who stayed behind.

    The chapter "Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy" also refers to
    differences in intelligence among racial and religious groups and the
    influence of Jews in Hollywood, the U.S. media and the academic world.

    Czech Jewish leaders expressed concern that the book may be just an excuse
    to present anti-Semitic ideas under the guise of scholarship.

    "Bakalar is taking the book into areas and raising questions which are
    quite scandalous," said the chairman of the Prague Jewish community, Tomas
    Jelinek, who made the comparison to "Mein Kampf," Hitler's autobiography.
    "He talks, for instance, about racism and refers to an advertisement which
    appeared in 2001 in our Jewish monthly looking for a deputy of Jewish
    origin for the rabbinate office."

    A Prague-based sociologist, Tomas Kamin, is taking Bakalar to court,
    arguing that the book is both anti-Semitic and racist. Kamin said the
    author simply ignores facts that do not fit in with his own theories.

    "The book is more dangerous than 'Mein Kampf' because when somebody reads
    'Mein Kampf' they already know what happened," he told JTA. "The main
    danger is that this book purports to be a scientific work but in reading
    it, you can either acquire or reaffirm opinions or prejudices against

    Bakalar denies there is a hidden agenda to his work, claiming that he is
    merely presenting ideas for discussion. He told JTA that research on IQs
    had shown that Ashkenazi Jews had higher IQs than other Jewish groups, and
    that Eastern European Jews had higher IQs on average than the general
    population, while Israeli Jews did not produce above-average results.

    Asked about IQs in relation to the Holocaust, Bakalar replied that "it is
    logical that the Jews who left Europe before the Holocaust were more
    intelligent than those who stayed behind." The "pogrom theory," he said,
    argues that citizens who are able to survive an oppressive era are more
    intelligent than those who fail to discern the danger.

    Describing himself as a "rebel," Bakalar said he "would invite anybody,
    especially from the Jewish community, to give their opinions on the
    hypotheses in the book."


    Bakalar corresponds with a few scientists her in the US concerned over
    censorship. I received the following from one of them.

    This is from Petr Bakalar. Things don't seem so bad. Makes one think about
    contrasts with the situation in the U.S. where critical books about Jews or
    Israel don't get anywhere.

    Petr writes:
    > indeed, the situation goes to extremes.
    > First, the book sells in thousands and has literally conquered the Czech
    > Republic (I have several autograph/book signings) in five different
    > Some bookstores reject my book, others are very happy. The public is very
    > curious and supports me.
    > Second, outraged articles appear everyday in the press. TV informed about
    > the "scandal" (I videotaped it and I will put in on the web - I let you
    > where). I will have a discussion on the radio this Saturday.
    > Third, there is a plea against me (spreading hate, racism etc.).
    > I was told by some of my friends (lawyers and political scientists) that
    > practically cannot lose. (My career is different issue.)
    > Fourth, I seriously consider a counter-plea against some people who have
    > "reviews" of the book, e.g. one said, that I wrote that "holocaust was a
    > hidden Jewish conspiracy in order to improve their genofond"!
    > Fifth, I am considering writing a novel about "what happened after". It is
    > really amazing. Many people, not only Jews, proved to have a very strong
    > "Auschwitz complex".
    > Sixths, I was told that police are after me, my mobil phone is being taped
    > and my e-mails controlled. This could be a rumour and I do not want to
    > increase the paranoia of the current situation. Besides that, I have
    > to hide.
    > I just returned from an autography in a big Prague bookstore (also
    > videotaped). It was a success. Press, liberal speeches, etc. Also some
    > extremists, semi-nazis appeared there (well, not in uniforms). Now I feel
    > that I should have reacted differently and reject them publicly. Well, I
    > not communicate with them but I signed books for them (they looked funny,
    > threatening) I expect that these pictures will appear tomorrow in the
    > press. Pity. I hurry to post a Statement on this issue on our web.
    > Thanks for your support I will inform you about the oncoming events.
    > Petr

    I follow these events because it is so exciting for the study of religion.
    Kevin MacDonald coined the term "evolutionary strategy of Judaism" in his
    trilogy published by Praeger and the paper I have been practically begging
    you people to read cites KM and identifies the origin of the evolutionary
    strategy of Judaism in Genesis. David sloan wilson in his Darwin's Cathedral
    cites KM 3 times. Christians are always the the last to find out. My paper is
    still available on request.
    TG, if you want to review the current attempts to reconcile science and
    religion, this is the stuff you have to sink your teeth into.



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