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From: George Murphy (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 12:54:06 EST

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    bivalve wrote:
    > > Was this before or after Joseph of Arimathea brought the Grail to Glastonbury?
    > >Anyway, my money is on Prester John, with the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus to place.
    > > Want to buy a bridge?
    > Is Eutychus one of the seven sleepers?

            Sorry, no. It's a legend about 7 Christians who hid in a cave near Ephesus
    during the persecution of Decius (~250) & awoke ~150 years later when Christianity had
    become the official religion of the Empire. Interestingly it got into the Qur'an -
    showing the historical reliability of that document!

    George L. Murphy

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