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Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 21:56:16 EST

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    >> I fully understand that it may not be every person's cup of tea; but
    >> equally I have to say that "in my humble opinion" (if one can use that
    >> phrase without a trace of irony), it is wrong to give the kind of
    >> contemptuous dismissal of it that I have seen all too frequently on this
    >> list.
    >> Regards,
    >> Iain.
    >When I asked why the numerology was significant (without saying it was wrong)
    >I offered a paper to the members of this list explaining passages in genesis
    >(that I thought was more significant). Did you ask for a copy of the paper?
    >What's the diffference? Seems to me like everybody has an understanding they
    >want aired. Why complain that "your thing" is ignored as you ignore "other's


    Please re-read what I wrote. Where did I ever complain about it being ignored? I said quite the opposite, that I fully understood that it may not be other peoples' cup of tea. That was fine. What I was objecting to was the sneering contempt that the work was being subjected to.

    However, to show willing, pleas email me a copy of that paper & I shall endeavour to read it. I have many things going on at the moment and don't have time to pursue all the things I'd like to; you will not that I'm not the most frequent of contributors to that list. But since you regard this paper as important, I promise I'll give it my attention. However, don't expect me to get into making any judgements as to whether it's more or less significant than the numbers business. I don't think such judgements can be made & it is not helpful to make them.


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