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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 08:13:52 EST

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    > However, somewhat later, I came across Vernon's web-site & while the initial
    > idea of this kind of thing was something I found distasteful, I was forced
    > to conclude that the level of detail in the mathematical patterns was of an
    > entirely higher order of sophistication than anything I'd seen in my
    > musical studies, either my own "discoveries" or anything else I'd read in
    > the literature. Hence the evidence that I came across by this route rather
    > forced me to accept that there was something deliberate in it, and that it
    > should be investigated. Furthermore if an accredited mathematician states
    > that it is deliberate, then it lends at least some credance to the idea it
    > might be so. (The big debate being who was responsible for the deliberate
    > design). When one researches this field on the web, one comes across many
    > examples where bizarre calculations have been performed by people who
    > clearly have no proper understanding of mathematics; but evidently
    > Grattann-Guinness has a very dee!
    > p u
    > nderstanding, particularly of the historical aspects of his subject, so his
    > opinion, at least as regards it being a deliberate design, is not to be
    > taken lightly.
    > I fully understand that it may not be every person's cup of tea; but
    > equally I have to say that "in my humble opinion" (if one can use that
    > phrase without a trace of irony), it is wrong to give the kind of
    > contemptuous dismissal of it that I have seen all too frequently on this
    > list.
    > Regards,
    > Iain.

    When I asked why the numerology was significant (without saying it was wrong)
    I offered a paper to the members of this list explaining passages in genesis
    (that I thought was more significant). Did you ask for a copy of the paper?
    What's the diffference? Seems to me like everybody has an understanding they
    want aired. Why complain that "your thing" is ignored as you ignore "other's

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