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Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 13:27:36 EST

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    The revelation he has had is to work on peoples' weakness, get their bank
    details and siphon off their money.
    I am not sure whether this can be reconciled with Jesus' teachings.

    My test is that is someone claims they have had something revealed to them
    then it is not revealed by God. If they come in humility and almost doubt
    then it may be.

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    > In considering what criteria validate a revelation, perhaps an example
    with no personal interest for list members would be useful. Conveniently, I
    just received one by email. Why is this credible or not credible? What
    criteria apply? Can they be applied to other examples?
    > >Dear Brother in Christ,
    > I am ELDER MASINGA Willmba Ugochi of Demostration Ministry
    > Nigerian Inc.Worldwide,basically a prayer and
    > deliverance Ministry.I am equally a retired Managing
    > Director of Ministry of Aviation,since I recieved my
    > calling and joined my Ministry,I have been asking God
    > to purify what remains of my wealth for Evangelical
    > works and for Orphanage.
    > On the last day of a special fasting and praying
    > session in my Ministry,there was a divine revelation
    > from God that I should invest in your Ministry.My God
    > is not an author of confussion,contact me immediately
    > for further discussion. <
    > Dr. David Campbell
    > Old Seashells
    > University of Alabama
    > Biodiversity & Systematics
    > Dept. Biological Sciences
    > Box 870345
    > Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0345 USA
    > That is Uncle Joe, taken in the masonic regalia of a Grand Exalted
    Periwinkle of the Mystic Order of Whelks-P.G. Wodehouse, Romance at
    Droitgate Spa

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