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From: Rich Blinne (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 14:35:33 EST

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    Sondra Brasile wrote:

    > In the midst of my suffering I questioned God, "How could you know how
    > I feel?" I asked him, "you say you partook in all our human sufferings
    > through Jesus Christ here on earth but Jesus never married, he never
    > had to go through this torture, how can he identify with THIS
    > suffering?" As if God spoke it loud and clear, in my head I heard,
    > "This is how I feel each and every time you put something else before
    > your relationship with me. This happens to me countless times a day
    > and throughout history. The church is my 'bride' and I get cheated on
    > repeatedly, I know EXACTLY how you feel and to a degree you will never
    > know".

    Such thinking is consonant with Scripture, see the entire book of
    Hosea. Contrast this with those who justify their adulteries by saying
    God told them to do it.

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