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From: George Murphy (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 14:33:05 EST

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    Jay Willingham wrote:
    > Be careful.
    > Africa has been the source of numerous scams that begin like this, many from
    > Nigeria. Law firms have been duped.
    > They will try to get your bank account information "to make a deposit" and
    > then loot the account when it has a high balance.
    > It would not hurt to contact your local law enforcement anti-fraud unit if
    > they ask for such info.
    > If they just send a check, praise God.
    > I am a bit doubtful that they need to come to America to find evangelical or
    > especially orphanage ministries.
    > Be as harmless as a dove but wise as a serpent.

            I get a couple of these a week. Usually they don't have a Christian facade but
    are supposedly from some relative of a former government minister or some such & offer
    several million for, in some nebulous way, assistance in getting the money out of some
    account. Most are from Nigeria but some have been from the Congo or South Africa.
            Frankly, I think that anyone who falls for one of these scams shouldn't, for his
    or her own safety, be let out on the street alone. & I can be a sucker for a sob story

    George L. Murphy

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