Re: my new paradigm

From: John Burgeson (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 17:58:35 EST

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    >>I believe my understanding of what Don is proposing is clear enough. Where
    >>do you suggest it is lacking?>>

    I suggest a study of Polkinghorne's REASON AND REALITY to start with.

    >>But anyway, where do you see the relevance of all this to the C/E debate?
    >>Shouldn't his ideas be directed to a more appropriate forum?

    This is a forum for scientist-theologians (i.e. people with some interest
    and competence in both areas) to discuss what is pertinent to the fuzzy
    intersection between those two disciplines. The "C/E debate" is one minor
    part of that.Indeed, most people think it is a poor debate and that the real
    questions which pertain to it ought to be ones of "purpose vs

    That theology which begins by denying the evidences of evolution is
    supported over in the ICR and AIG sites. I get frequent updats from both
    groups because I need a laugh now and again.


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