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From: Jay Willingham (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 10:17:54 EST

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    Don Winterstein <> wrote:

    Reply: I don't agree with most others idea of a philosophical God either. God wants us to be in personal communion with him, but necessarily physical. If God came in from time to time to intervene, why didn't he just show up (physically) in Egypt. He worked through Moses. How about Abraham, Christ, Adam, etc. God works through his creations, not on them. Knowing what God wants, being in personal communion with him, loving his creations, including those we disagree with, is what makes things happen in his way. From time to time he may step in and work directly through someone however. I see why some see it theologically and some physically, but God is somewhere in between.

    Jay's reply:

    Christ was the Living God incarnate. Those who saw him saw the Father. The Angel of the Lord and other angels appeared physically. God also works constantly within the physical creation and in direct physical response to prayer.

    So on this one point I disagree. God wants to relate to us physically and spiritually.

    I do agree that through his indwelling spirit he works through those who are his. But I also believe he holds everything physical together. And we certainly know from Job that Satan, with permission does affect God's people physically.

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