Re: my new paradigm

Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 10:14:23 EST

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    > Michael Roberts wrote:
    > >The best thing we can do is to ignore such nonsense and I will do just that
    > Overall I've found this listserve very informative and valuable. I'm not
    > likely to leave voluntarily.
    > Don

    Michael, please do not ignore Don. He seems to be making a sincere attempt to
    understand the Scriptures. Finding the right rational argument to counter his
    hypothesis rather than ignoring him maintains all of our Christian dignity
    and is a necessary exercise in apologetics at a time when the Christian
    churches are under a postmodern siege. Note how Don reacted to your remark.
    He became immediately defensive. Don, for your part, you can be a little less
    sarcastic in defense of your arguments and drop the combativeness. You
    generated the hostility with a provocative hypothesis and should have the
    thick skin to deal with the response you must have known you would get.
    The list managers have been very gracious by letting a lot of provocative
    material be posted. Let's all show some appreciation for their hospitality by
    making agape the prime directive here rather than intellectual dominance.


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