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Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 10:04:41 EST

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    > Overall, the model implicit in my new paradigm suggests the world operates
    > free of his special input most of the time--and on this point we'll
    > no doubt continue to disagree.

    This is unacceptable. The world is "of" God. What occurs is "of" God. All
    that is, is "of" God. To suggest that "what is" is maintained by God
    sporadically is to say God withdraws from "what is" and the ontology of God
    is diminished. There is only one place that God has withdrawn from and that
    is man's free will and that withdrawal itself was "of" God since God
    constructed Eden so that the fall was possible. The suggestion that God acts
    in the world occasionally is ontologically faulty and perhaps even dualist
    since you would necessarily have to posit another force that operated to
    maintain the world while it operated freely of His "special input."'

    To make the statement, "the world operates free of his special input most of
    the time," obliges you to identify God's "special input" at least once. You
    can suggest what one of those inputs might have been but you can't
    definitively say that God acted here and not there.
    The processes of existence are God's processes, be they quantam mechanics or
    biological evolution. God is not outside of these things. God is all these

    The steps you are taking are the first steps toward positing that the world
    is free of God. Saying the world is sproradically free of God is the first
    step in that direction.


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