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Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 09:49:49 EST

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    > rich wrote:
    > >God making himself "wives" is a little too anthropomorphic for me.
    > God making himself "children" is less anthropomorphic? How about actually
    > fathering a son? Gross! God wouldn't do THAT!
    > Don

    I will repeat - the metaphor is apt, but has been taken to an extreme. As in
    the case of the kabbalisitic puzzle, so what? What is the significance of
    this metaphor for our Christian lives, a significance heretofore unseen. What
    changes with this new metaphorical understanding? Maybe I missed it. Please
    don't give me retorts like "God wouldn't do that" as if you are mocking my
    reaction. You posted this to the list and you are owed my serious
    consideration. I am giving you that. I expect yours. You have made the
    presentation. You must justify it as I would be expected to do if I were to
    present a novel interpretation of Scripture.

    We've heard the metaphor. What is its significance?

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